The Veil War

"and then I was like, 'Holy crap, goblins!'"

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Veil War Thursday

It is Thursday, and that means mayhem.

The shells exploded nearly two hundred feet above the goblins. Marching as they were with their shields up, they were suffering almost no casualties.

“Why aren’t they adjusting their fire?” Pethoukis nearly shouted. The next barrage didn’t explode at all. One shell landed on a goblin, crushing it. No others were even hurt.

“I think they are adjusting their fire. It’s just not the 116th doing the adjusting,” Lewis said.

Chapter Twenty-One is up, and available for your delighted perusal. Please point out to the internet any mistakes, blunders, cock-ups, typos and senior moments you detect in the prose. Because, you know, the internet cares.


Chapter 19 is up! And yes, there is mayhem. A little violence, the more sensitive of you might want to avert your eyes. Teaser:

In the distance about five miles out and a bit east, Lewis guessed, was a low rise of rough terrain; lumps of bare, black rock sticking out of a shallow sandy swell. There the 116th had taken up a defensive posture.

North and west of the cavalry, Lewis could see a goblin assault readying in the flat ground to the left. Seven regiments of goblin infantry were moving out of column. There looked to be about a thousand goblins in each, so at least seven thousand total. They were equipped like the goblins they’d fought back in Iraq; bronze breast plates and helmets, carrying swords and shields. Their banners snapped in the growing breeze. Windrows of goblin corpses in the field before them showed that this wasn’t the first assault, but likely the largest so far.

As always, please note in the comments any typos, mistakes, and errors. And also feel free to lavish me with praise. That’s always nice.

Movement to Contact

Chapter Eighteen is now up, and hey, look at the time! It’s not 11:59! I actually hope to get back to early morning Thursday postings for chapters, but the quantity of rewriting I’m doing is a lot more than I (rather naively, as it turns out) expected. Teaser:

“Fuck!” Coleman shouted, and spun the thumper around to the right. “Who fucking shot me?”

Angelo, standing in the bed of the humvee behind, opened up with his .50 cal. Lewis watched the tracers reach out across the sandto a battered Toyota pickup racing toward them. Two bursts disabled the engine and the occupants piled out. Another burst cut one of them in half.

We’re now in Part III, which doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything to you except that it’s battle time. And as always, your help in catching errors and mistakes is always appreciated. Further, since we’re moving into combat mode again, that will mean greater opportunities for you veterans and gun enthhusiasts to be nitpicky as much as your black little hearts desire offer constructive and useful criticism to improve the story. So enjoy.

Chapter 17

Here we are. Escaped from the darker recesses of my mind is Chapter 17. Your by now traditional teaser:

Lewis’ sword moved with agonizing slowness as he struggled to parry Siegfried’s attack. The baron was so damn fast, Lewis thought. Lewis managed to get his sword up to block the cut he expected but the baron’s sword wasn’t there. Siegfried’s sword somehow whipped up and beat Lewis’ blade away, out of line and to the right. Mentally and physically off-balance, Lewis winced. Here it comes.

For those of you keeping score at home, this chapter marks the end of what I like to call Part II. Captain Lewis’ story falls into roughly three parts, four if you’re being generous. Part I is chapters one through eight – up to the meeting with the crusaders. Part II is the bridge to the big battle and Part III, then, is the big battle. The very last bit is the conclusion, and I guess we could call that Part IV. I’ve written over 22,poo words for the rest of the story, and I know right now that I’ll be adding more as I go back through this stuff getting it ready to post. So far, including today’s extra long 3000-word chapter, I’ve posted 41,000 words.

As always, feel free – nay, feel obligated – to note in the comments any mistakes, grammatical errors, typos or infelicities of language. Comments on the story are of course welcome as well. I accept full responsibility for all that is published here. (But not the blame.)

Chapter 16

I really don’t want this to turn into Veil War Fridays. But that seems to be the way of things, lately. My apologies for the untimely posting, but between work and a sudden, uncontrollable desire to rearrange a lot of the stuff that has happened in the last couple chapters (and indeed, the next couple as well) things have taken more time than I had hoped.

So, excuses out of the way, here at long last is Chapter Sixteen.

“Your sword is a prize of battle, won from the goblins. Prince Raimond and the Strategos both realized at once that it did not have the look of the goblin-work.”

“I noticed that myself, but I didn’t think much of it. My knowledge of goblins being so extensive.”

Father Pietr smiled. “Yes. There are goblins on many worlds; even goblins from the same world have different customs, different ways of sword-making. Could it not be from some tribe we know nothing of? But there is this: your sword looks like something out of our own history. A sword, much like yours, rests in the royal armory. It was taken from the dead hand of a goblin king by King Henric II six hundred years and more ago.”

I have a question for my readers. I have throughout this whole story kept the writing as spare as I could. No florid descriptions – just sketches of description and characterization (brief, but hopefully evocative) and focusing most of the effort on dialog and descriptions of the action. I’d like your opinion on how that is working.

And as always, please point out in the comments any grammatical or other errors. While I try to make it as clean as I can before posting, I don’t have a professional editor on staff, more’s the pity. Thanks for your patience as I try to push this out the door as fast as I can.

Veil War Thursday…

… if only just barely. Here, at long last, is Chapter Fifteen.

Coleman turned the volume up and Lewis heard the level tones of a BBC newsreader. “…sources inform us that the destruction of the US fourth Infantry division south of An Nasiriyah is nearly total. The division had taken the role of rear guard for American forces retreating from Baghdad, and bore the brunt of the invader’s attention. Drone footage acquired by the BBC showed a scene of ruin; smoking hulks of burnt-out tanks the only remains of a once-formidable fighting force.

I apologize for the lapse in updates, but sickness and then taking care of all the crap I didn’t do when I was sick was time consuming. Such is life. However, you will be pleased to know that over the last couple days I’ve gotten quite a bit of editing done, and indeed some writing. I think that out of the kindness of my black heart, I might actually post some extra stuff maybe late tomorrow and over the weekend.

In other news, this is the 100th post. So yay, me.


What comes after thirteen?

I forget.

Wait! I know! The next chapter! It’s Veil War Thursday, and here’s your weekly dose of Veil War. Start reading here. Teaser:

“Giants? Serious?” Pethoukis asked. “We saw dragons up by Ramadi, but all the rest was the short mean fuckers.”

“We saw those, too. Ran over more than a few shaking loose. No, these are different. Swear to god, sir, they’re 12 feet tall. I was manning the .50 up top, and the fucker was looking down at me. He had sword longer than you are. I shot one point blank with the 105, killed him; but there were a dozen more. One cut the barrel off my sergeant’s main gun, and another peeled open the side like he was opening a tin can.”

Enjoy, and be careful when running with scissors. As always, you are encouraged to point out errors of fact, fancy or formatting in the comments.

Veil War Thursday: Friday Edition

Thanks to the chapter update yesterday, and the retreating but still massive armies of microscopic goblins infesting my respiratory system, your new chapter update is a day late. On the upside, it is not a dollar short. So there’s that. You can dive right in and start reading here: Chapter 13. Teaser:

“Is it the habit of officers of the SANG to insult officers of the United States Marine Corps?” Lewis asked in a quiet voice.

Surprise crept across his face. “Excuse me?”

“The United States is allied to your Kingdom. You hold prisoner over a hundred of my countrymen. You lie to me about a farcical customs inspection. You intend to deprive me of my weapons and imprison me with the others.”

“That, my friend, is an insult.”

As always, drop hints in the comments if you find any gremlins in the text. And please, hit the share buttons and tell your friends. Spread the word!

Revised Chapter 12

Veil War Thursday is here, if not so early in the morning as is typical. Right now, you can read a new version of Chapter 12. I was going to save that editing for later, but it was  a loose tooth that I couldn’t leave alone. The story moves a bit faster than previously with the extraneous material cut out and gets us right up to the border.

Hopefully later tonight, but by tomorrow morning at the latest, you’ll get Chapter 13, which will be all-new material. If I can fight through the flu-induced anomie and lethargy…

Something special

Something special for you; because you are – each and every one of you – special. Special.

So, I went away for a week and got lots done. Among the things I did was get everything edited for this week’s post. Super! I’m ahead of the game, yay, me! Of course, that sort of hubris is always punished. When I got home, the power button on my computer was no longer functional. Off to the repair shop for warrenty-covered repairs it went, and in the meantime I had no access to my stuff because the trip had interrupted my backup routines. Which meant:

No access to chapter 13. But I am nothing if not adaptable. Says me, I will write a new goddamn story!

Veil War Thursday this week will not feature the continuing adventures of Captain Lewis and Prince Raimond and the gang. Instead, I offer you Curses. Just so you know, this story takes place back in the states a couple days after the veil opens. It is hot off the presses – I finished writing it quite literally seconds ago. Hope you like it.