The Veil War

"and then I was like, 'Holy crap, goblins!'"

Month: June, 2012

Comcast Sucks

I’ve been without Internet all day (I’m posting this via phone) and this is slowing me down. When I regain connectivity, there’s more stuff ready to post.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the oven-like weather.

Sword the Second

Part two of your bonus story is up – Trade Negotiations.

One note about these bonus stories. I am not putting as much effort into them as the main story – they probably never will be as fully developed. When I was laying down the back story I realized that this one thread had a sort of narrative of its own, and I’ve put a little flesh on its bones. I also don’t want to give away too much of what will happen later, but these stories will provide some (hopefully) tantalizing glimpses of places, peoples and things that will be of great importance later.

Next bit

As promised, here’s some more words. This is the first chunk of Chapter Twenty-Three. (When it’s all up, I’ll smash them back into one post.)

This is probably all I’ll get out today, but tomorrow should see unprecedented (by the standard of the last couple weeks, anyway) productivity. Sunday I’ll be driving back to PA to administer last rites on the suburban, which will mean ten hours of driving.


This is me for the last couple weeks:

Well, the trip to Ohio was excellent up until the moment when my suburban threw a rod.

I’ve had a grand total of maybe two hours in the last couple weeks to work on the story. Which sucks for me and you both. But, I did accomplish some things, and more will be accomplished in the very near future. In a slight departure from my normal mode, I’m just going to start posting stuff as it gets edited and not wait for the full thing.

So, at random intervals over the next week, you’ll be getting chunks of the Chapter 23 and 24, and as well – because I love you so dearly – bits of a bonus story. I will do this until I’ve caught up a bit.

The first bit is part one of… the back story of Lewis’ sword. Read it here.

Slight delay has grown, and become a medium-sized delay

Fun, fantasy, confusion and chaos. Nothing tragic, but events have conspired to keep me from the keyboard. But! Even though I am now three states away from my home, preparing to accompany my wife to her 15-year college reunion, there will shortly be new prose.

Tomorrow you will see Chapter 23. And over the next few days, I’m going to run a bonus series of stories that are related to the events of the story, but yet will not actually ever be part of the novel. They are written already, and merely need a little polishing and elbow grease to be ready for you.

So there it is. Thanks for bearing with me as life interferes with my grandiose authorial schemes.