The Great American Goblin Invasion Novel. That’s what I’m calling it today. The elevator pitch might go, “Lord of the Rings meets Tom Clancy.”

The Veil War

The Veil is a door between worlds, long closed. One day, it opens. Through the door come creatures half-forgotten, creatures of legend and myth. We feared them once – for a reason.  They want blood, dominion, and power. And they have the power to take it.

One company of Marines is trapped in Iraq, pursued and hunted by the invaders. This is their story.


The Veil War is a serial novel. New chapters post every Thursday morning.

You can dive right in and start reading here.


The Veil War is written – or more accurately, being written right now – by Stephen Gustav. You are encouraged to contact the author via email at veilwar at gmail dot com, or at thestephengustav at gmail dot com. The Veil War also has a presence on several major social media sites:

Stephen Gustav is a writer. A professional writer for simply years and years, this is his first fiction project. He lives in Virginia with his wife and an assortment of children and pets. He has a number of political views. He has one religious opinion. His opinions on science are not fit for polite company.