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I am for sale

As of a few minutes ago, the first installment of the Subcommandante Mumbles vs. The Dinosaur Nazis saga became available for sale on Amazon. This is my first foray into the digital publishing (for cash money) business and, I must say, I am mildly excited. I’d be more excited, but my emotional spectrum runs only from mildly annoyed to mildly excited.

BUY Call Me Mumbles at Amazon


For those of you that read the story, you would do me an enormous service by visiting the Amazon page for Call Me Mumbles to leave a review. And, if you enjoyed it, please consider buying a copy yourself.


If you haven’t read it, go buy it. I guarantee you will get your dollar’s worth.


[also wik] Since the story is now available for sale, I’ve pulled it from view here at Veil War.

Dinosaur Nazis (other ones)

A sudden urge to google overtook me this morning, and this is what I found:

When you type “Dinosaur Nazi” into the google, most of the top results are for two things: Dino D-Day and Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol. The first is a game, the second a comic book.

Dino D-Day started as a half-life mod, but is now grown up and a complete first-person shooter. The creators did up some fun propaganda posters:

Chonos Commandos: Dawn Patrol is a five-issue comic series from Titan Comics.

Awesome. Here’s some sample pages:

There’s some other stuff, too. In May another comic will be released, Half Past Danger:

Here’s a really old Dinosaur Nazi comic. And then there’s this:

And sprinkled throughout the search results, there’s links to this weird story.

Subcommandante Mumbles vs. The Dinosaur Nazis

This is a silly story. I admit. Some friends were joking around and one line caught me funny – and this story was born. I’ll post one section each day, about 500 words a pop. Enjoy.

P.S. Click here to get see all published episodes of the Saga of Subcommandante Mumbles.