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Call Me Mumbles (Subcommandante Mumbles vs. The Dinosaur Nazis)

Call Me Mumbles is Episode 1 of the Saga of Subcommandante Mumbles vs. The Dinosaur Nazis, a series of short stories concerning the comic, bloody and profane adventures of Mumbles, a one-time sergeant of the US Army and now special agent charged with protecting our world from fascist… dinosaurs.

Comments on the Mumbles saga:

John says:

I have to tell this story is absolutely hilarious. I enjoyed Veilwar a lot, but it was dark. This is just straight up comedy, keep it up!

Wardog says:

Such unabashed literary genius, I am agog. I tell you twice, AGOG!!!

Firesolved says:


Former Marine SNCO Jack says:

1- I am disappoint in lack of dinosaur riding
2- See “Sergeant”. Don’t let the mouth-breathing Army term “Sarge” confuse you.
3- Call signs are proper nouns, should be capitalized.
4- A Panzerfaust doesn’t seem usable by such creatures
5- I’m grooving on it.

Subcommandante Mumbles himself says:

It’s like he knows the nightmares I have.  Downright eerie.