The Veil War

"and then I was like, 'Holy crap, goblins!'"

Month: November, 2012


More serious, this time. My work is requiring me to be in the office, and as I will not be working from the comfort of my home office I will also be spending a ridiculous amount of time commuting to the main office. This traveling will significantly eat in to my available writing time.

But fear not! I hope to polish chapter 32 for publishing this weekend. And after that, there are only four (possibly five) more chapters before this installment of Lewis’ adventures are complete. Much of that has already been written, and I will endeavor to maintain my weekly publishing schedule as best I can.

Of silver linings, there is not much to say but this: I have been using my long commutes for a lot of thinking and planning. Veil War II is going to be a lot of fun to write.

Better late than never

That’s what I like to tell myself, anyway. I accept full responsibility; but not the blame. I’ve done a lot of rewriting of this and the next couple chapters, and I think you’ll like the way it goes.

So, go read Chapter 31. And your traditional teaser:

Father John strode toward the enemy; a nimbus of light, like a sapphire, formed around his head and fingers of subtle fire danced in his hands. His beard stood on end, a Byzantine John Brown ready to smite his foes. His face looked tired and worn, but determined; his jaw set and eyes sharp.

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