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"and then I was like, 'Holy crap, goblins!'"

Month: May, 2013

A new Gustav

My second son and fifth child was born this morning:


Joseph Samuel is a healthy nine pounds and 21″. He and mom are sleeping peacefully while I keep inquisitive other children away with bribery and death threats.


Thanks for all those who have bought Call Me Mumbles. And and even greater heaping load of thanks for those who have reviewed it.

Now ranked #42! (In science-fiction anthologies and short stories).

If you’d like to join the fun – and you should – you can buy and review the story here.  I’m also setting up an Amazon author page, which should be visible shortly at this address:


::: BUY MY STORY :::

I am for sale

As of a few minutes ago, the first installment of the Subcommandante Mumbles vs. The Dinosaur Nazis saga became available for sale on Amazon. This is my first foray into the digital publishing (for cash money) business and, I must say, I am mildly excited. I’d be more excited, but my emotional spectrum runs only from mildly annoyed to mildly excited.

BUY Call Me Mumbles at Amazon


For those of you that read the story, you would do me an enormous service by visiting the Amazon page for Call Me Mumbles to leave a review. And, if you enjoyed it, please consider buying a copy yourself.


If you haven’t read it, go buy it. I guarantee you will get your dollar’s worth.


[also wik] Since the story is now available for sale, I’ve pulled it from view here at Veil War.

Hey! I’m not dead

By way of a status report, a few items for your consideration and edification:

  • I’m not dead
  • Writing continues to happen
  • Editing continues apace

Informative, no? To allow you a peak behind the curtain, here is what’s afoot:

Editing on the Veil War is about 2/3 done. When it’s complete (more on that schedule in a moment) or nearly so, a couple things will happen in quick succession. Part of the novel will be offered for sale on Amazon. A kickstarter project will be launched to raise money for copyediting and artwork. Your help and support will be crucial in making this all work, and I’ll provide more details as the DAY approacheth.

The Mumbles story, which started as a joke but which you all seemed to enjoy more than I expected, will go up for sale on Amazon shortly. Strangely enough, almost certainly before Veil War and in fact – probably within a week or so. Once it is up for sale, it won’t be visible in it’s entirety here.

I’ve also written another Mumbles story, and I’ve sketched out plans for a couple more to make a full story arc. The resulting paste-up novel would end up in the ballpark of short novel length. Episodes 2 and onwards will get teasers he on the site as they go up for sale.

In addition to the Mumbles tales, I have completed three (3) whole short stories. One is in the world of the Veil, another is a ripping yarn of space opera co-written with my son, and the last is something else entirely. They are variously being polished, submitted and otherwise being prepared for you to read; more details as they become clearer.


The schedule for all this writing stuff is dependent on other, more important schedules. My wife and I are expecting, imminently, a new son. Once he arrives I’ll be taking time off from work, and in between helping out the wife I’ll be making a hard push to finish the edits on the Veil War, and get a few more random piles of text transformed into stories. The mere fact of not having to commute for a couple weeks should make that a reality.

So soon, there will be things to buy, and new things to read.

And just a reminder: you are all outstanding, handsome and clever people, and I am pleased to have you all as readers.