The Veil War

"and then I was like, 'Holy crap, goblins!'"

Month: October, 2012

Mysterious advancing deadlines, point of view, and the Meat Planet

Breaking news: my work schedule got rearranged a bit this week, and some deadlines were moved up. This will necessitate a Veil War Friday post.

Now, admission time: I could have posted anyway. But as I wrote deeper into battle, I came to a sudden realization. My insistance on maintaining the point of view on Captain Lewis had gone too far. It was a convention, really; nothing more. And most of the story as I’ve related it to you worked fine enough within that constraint; so it was a helpful tool for a neophyte writer to keep me focused on the story and not get distracted. It has always been my intent that in the final novel version, that constraint would be relaxed. I have Lance Criminal Adventures starring Coleman, and small sections told from the point of view of Evans and Pethoukis already written. I had also planned to rewrite parts of some chapters to shift the point of view to another character for variety and dramatic purposes.

So, my realization was that most of the next chapter really can’t be told from where Lewis stands without serious contortions. And seeing how contorted it had become, I decided to relax my rules early and rewrite now. Much of the prose can be saved, of course; descriptions of ‘splosions, booms and chopping are the universal language of love after all. Still and all it requires some effort, and that’s what I’ll be doing tonight.

In the meantime, enjoy this lost episode of Carl Sagan’s justly famed science series, Cosmos:

Chapter XXX

Not that there’s any bewbs in it. Chapter 30 is up, in any event, you can read it here. Teaser:

Lewis laughed. “Siegfried might like it. I doubt the good fathers would.”

“I know, right? I can get my head around magical powered armor, and ginsu swords. I’ve seen enough CGI wizards in movies and shit that even that crazy pillar of fiery death didn’t even trip me up. Fucking cool, actually. But these priests, they’re as serious as Father Basil ever was back in Detroit. But Father Basil couldn’t blow shit up with his mind. Not that I ever saw, anyway.

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Hold the line

It’s Veil War Thursday, and I’ve been so busy writing that I almost forgot to post the chapter. That would have been an enormous fail, seeing as it’s been written for a good while now. You can dive right in and read it here. Your traditional teaser:

“Are you fucking crazy? Lewis, your men are going to be ones with their dicks in the meat grinder.”

For the first time, some emotion leaked into his voice, “I know. You get mobile and make it worth our while.”

“Captain, I think I’ve got an idea.”

And as always, use the comments to point out the error of my mistake, or to lavish me with praise.

Fire and the sword

Actually, the fire was last chapter but it sounded cool. Chapter 28 can be read here.

Lewis raised his sword. For a moment, he almost panicked. What if the sword doesn’t turn itself on? I’ll be fucked… Then the color drained out of the world and for the first time since the battle at the village he once more became a tool for the sword he held. Thank god, he prayed.

His left foot slid forward across the sand, he twisted right and caught the halberd on his shield. He felt the axehead bite into the dense wood of the shield and felt the shock compress his whole body into the sand

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