Veil War Thursday…

by veilwar

… if only just barely. Here, at long last, is Chapter Fifteen.

Coleman turned the volume up and Lewis heard the level tones of a BBC newsreader. “…sources inform us that the destruction of the US fourth Infantry division south of An Nasiriyah is nearly total. The division had taken the role of rear guard for American forces retreating from Baghdad, and bore the brunt of the invader’s attention. Drone footage acquired by the BBC showed a scene of ruin; smoking hulks of burnt-out tanks the only remains of a once-formidable fighting force.

I apologize for the lapse in updates, but sickness and then taking care of all the crap I didn’t do when I was sick was time consuming. Such is life. However, you will be pleased to know that over the last couple days I’ve gotten quite a bit of editing done, and indeed some writing. I think that out of the kindness of my black heart, I might actually post some extra stuff maybe late tomorrow and over the weekend.

In other news, this is the 100th post. So yay, me.