What comes after thirteen?

by veilwar

I forget.

Wait! I know! The next chapter! It’s Veil War Thursday, and here’s your weekly dose of Veil War. Start reading here. Teaser:

“Giants? Serious?” Pethoukis asked. “We saw dragons up by Ramadi, but all the rest was the short mean fuckers.”

“We saw those, too. Ran over more than a few shaking loose. No, these are different. Swear to god, sir, they’re 12 feet tall. I was manning the .50 up top, and the fucker was looking down at me. He had sword longer than you are. I shot one point blank with the 105, killed him; but there were a dozen more. One cut the barrel off my sergeant’s main gun, and another peeled open the side like he was opening a tin can.”

Enjoy, and be careful when running with scissors. As always, you are encouraged to point out errors of fact, fancy or formatting in the comments.