Something special

by veilwar

Something special for you; because you are – each and every one of you – special. Special.

So, I went away for a week and got lots done. Among the things I did was get everything edited for this week’s post. Super! I’m ahead of the game, yay, me! Of course, that sort of hubris is always punished. When I got home, the power button on my computer was no longer functional. Off to the repair shop for warrenty-covered repairs it went, and in the meantime I had no access to my stuff because the trip had interrupted my backup routines. Which meant:

No access to chapter 13. But I am nothing if not adaptable. Says me, I will write a new goddamn story!

Veil War Thursday this week will not feature the continuing adventures of Captain Lewis and Prince Raimond and the gang. Instead, I offer you Curses. Just so you know, this story takes place back in the states a couple days after the veil opens. It is hot off the presses – I finished writing it quite literally seconds ago. Hope you like it.