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"and then I was like, 'Holy crap, goblins!'"

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The Infamous Chapter 12

We are back on track now, with the release into the wild of Chapter 12. Snippet:

“From what we heard before we lost comms and from what we heard from BBC Baghdad before it went down, we need help. Badly. Back home, there’s God knows how many of these goblins, dragons who knows what else. We know command’s pulling everything back. We have no idea how badly we’re getting reamed on the way out, and…” Lewis trailed off.

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New Chapter Eleven

Alrighty then, the last of the rewrites is complete. My week has been more hectic than I had foreseen – culminating in today’s double-barreled awesomeness of visits to the dentist and the DMV.

You can read the new chapter here. Teaser:

The yellow line of the Veil was swallowed by an angry red gash that stretched across four nations. The red widened and engulfed the blue dots closest to the Veil. As the red advanced both north and south from the veil beachhead, it branched and bifurcated. Crimson tentacles reaching for American soldiers and Marines. Lewis had only seen snatches of this, on the run. Seeing it all at once, his intuition was confirmed. Those movements couldn’t be accidental, he thought. The whole thing was coordinated far too well.

We will resume more regular, regular weekly updates with next week’s Veil War Thursday.

For those keeping score at home, I’ll be taking next week off for an all expenses paid (by me) writing extravaganza. Totally isolated in an austere three bedroom, fully-furnished beach house, it is my goal to write most of the rest of the novel. Absent interruptions by wife, children and work – I believe this to be a feasible goal. Most of the story is plotted out, so all I need to do is write it down. That’s the theory anyway; and at the very least I should be able to make significant progress.

As always, please feel free to point out typos, infelicities of thought, fact, or style or just say that you love my story and want to bear its children.

And Chapter Ten…

…is available for reading here.

One completely minor and irrelevant bonus of the rewrite – the Goblin prisoner thing takes up exactly one chapter. It is now latish, and I think chapter eleven will happen tomorrow.

New Chapter Nine

Okay, here’s the first of today’s reposts. I have wrestled with the suck, and I think I’m getting the upper hand. This is still raw in places, but nevertheless is going in the direction I want.

You can read the new version here. If you look at the “start reading” page you will see that I’ve moved the original versions of chapters nine, ten and eleven over to the right to make room for the new ones. Chapter ten should be up shortly, and eleven hopefully before I go to bed.

The new versions are, I think, better paced and more to the point. I hope you agree.

Embrace the Suck

Breaking news! Must credit Veil War! Veil War Thursday will be a Friday this week!

There will be a slight delay in the posting of Chapter 12. I am rewriting the last half of chapter nine, and most of chapters 10 – 14. This is because I detected (with a push from Ian Healy) that there was suck in there. I am excorzising the suck. There are dead chickens, crucifixes, and bloody entrails just everywhere… Getting rid of suck is a painful process.

What you’ll see sometime Friday are new versions of chapters 9, 10 and 11 to get us back current. If all goes well, also a new chapter 12.

In the meantime, you can read some awesome suck here. remains one of my all time favorite websites. I was deeply saddened when they stopped posting. But happily, suck has not disappeared into the deep abyss of the internet, and you can troll through their archives for days.

Chapter Eleven

And so we come to Chapter Eleven. I’m running out of clever things to say about new chapters. I considered making a bankruptcy joke, but given the current economic situation that might be in bad taste.

I apologize to those readers who may have gotten accustomed to lots of explodey-choppy stuff for the relatively slow pace – trust me, it picks up again in a bit. Here’s your teaser:

Burhan translated for him, “I admit, your Highness, your pavilion is not so comfortable as my palace. But I am not so much older than when I traveled in the Ursene highlands, preaching the Word of God on little more than cold mountain water and stale marching bread. Your table is much more luxurious, and my companions now are not so likely to want to remove my head for a decoration on their fireplaces.”

Part the tenth

Veil War Thursday is upon us, and Chapter 10 has arrived. You can jump right in, or linger here and read the traditional teaser:

The Prince said they left Earth maybe eight, nine hundred years ago, right? They crossed the veil then same as they did last week along with a fuck-load of goblins, only going the other way. Eight hundred years ago was Crusading time around here, which matches what we’re seeing. Knights in armor wander off into never-never land, learn magic somehow, and come up with armor like out of Starship Troopers and a strong hate on goblins.

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Veil War Thursday Is Back

The New Year is here, and I hope it finds you healthy, prosperous and possessed of a desperate need for more Veil War. And if that does happen to be the case, today is a good day for you. Because today Chapter Nine of the Veil War makes its appearance.

Your traditional teaser:

“Captain Lewis,” the Prince said through the interpreters, “Yes. Tend to your wounded. Send a dozen men with beasts of burden down to the valley, that we may share the spoils of battle. You and your officers may join us at sundown. Then, we will eat; and we will plan. Our presence here in this world can not have gone undetected, and we will have to move quickly.”

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Last chance to change the future

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