Chapter 16

by veilwar

I really don’t want this to turn into Veil War Fridays. But that seems to be the way of things, lately. My apologies for the untimely posting, but between work and a sudden, uncontrollable desire to rearrange a lot of the stuff that has happened in the last couple chapters (and indeed, the next couple as well) things have taken more time than I had hoped.

So, excuses out of the way, here at long last is Chapter Sixteen.

“Your sword is a prize of battle, won from the goblins. Prince Raimond and the Strategos both realized at once that it did not have the look of the goblin-work.”

“I noticed that myself, but I didn’t think much of it. My knowledge of goblins being so extensive.”

Father Pietr smiled. “Yes. There are goblins on many worlds; even goblins from the same world have different customs, different ways of sword-making. Could it not be from some tribe we know nothing of? But there is this: your sword looks like something out of our own history. A sword, much like yours, rests in the royal armory. It was taken from the dead hand of a goblin king by King Henric II six hundred years and more ago.”

I have a question for my readers. I have throughout this whole story kept the writing as spare as I could. No florid descriptions – just sketches of description and characterization (brief, but hopefully evocative) and focusing most of the effort on dialog and descriptions of the action. I’d like your opinion on how that is working.

And as always, please point out in the comments any grammatical or other errors. While I try to make it as clean as I can before posting, I don’t have a professional editor on staff, more’s the pity. Thanks for your patience as I try to push this out the door as fast as I can.