Cast of Characters

Marines of Captain Lewis’ Company:

Captain Lewis’ company is of the 1-9 Marines based out of Ramadi, Iraq.

— Lewis’ War Council —

Capt. Thomas Lewis – commander of a Marine company in Ramadi at the time of the invasion
1st Sergeant Michael Pethoukis – ranking NCO of the company, and friend of Lewis
Lance Corporal Jackson – Section leader in 1st platoon
Corporal Evans – Scout Sniper
SSgt Ellis – led assault team

–Lewis’ Snatch Team —

Pvt Haulk – Part of Lewis’ team
LCpl Webster – Part of Lewis’ team
Cpl Jardine – Part of Lewis’ team
Cpl Arp – Part of Lewis’ team, fencer, armor team
Pvt Thompson – Part of Jackson’s snatch team
Pvt Alvarez – Part of Jackson’s snatch team
LCpl Simmons – Part of Jackson’s snatch team
Cpl Coleman – On assault team, gadget head, nerd
Pvt Simons – Fencer, armor team, wargamer
Cpl Angelo – SCA Knight, armor team

— Others —

Pvt Chen – Marine of Lewis’ company
Pvt Inman – Marine of Lewis’ company
Pvt Avery – Marine of Lewis’ company
Pvt Thomas – Arab speaker
Cpl Gamez – Arab speaker
Lt Nichols – Died of a goblin arrow in Ramadi
HM1 Fagan – Navy Corpsman

From Beyond the Veil:

Personages of the Embassy from the Kingdom:

— The Prince and his immediate entourage —

Crown Prince Raimond – Heir to the throne of the Kingdom
HRH Gerard Grand Duke Bruelh, Kouropalates (Prime Minister) – Brother to the king, uncle to Raimond
Berengar Duke Pilashsu – High official in the kingdom, Consul
Siegfried Baron Vischennes – Aide-de-camp to the Prince
Andreas – Valet to the Prince

— Military Contingent —

The armed force accompanying the Prince is heavy with higher nobility from around the kingdom. The Lances are led by many prominent knights and lords. At the head of it is the Strategos, the kingdom term for general.

Odo Duke Polinhac, Strategos – General and military advisor, old friend of the King
Ser Marcus, Chiliarch – Aide to Duke Odo
Nikephoros Duke Ambhrail –  Lance, prominent noble
Isidore Earl Clency – Lance, prominent noble
Ser Quinault – Lance, Royal Guard

Railen – Man at arms in the Royal Guard

Most of the knights and lance commanders are scions of important aristocratic families of the kingdom.

— Clerical Contingent —

Metropolitan Legate Macarius – Personal representative of the Patriarch
Archbishop Gregory of Oloron – Titular Archbishop, member of the royal family, like a cardinal

Abbot Bishop Thibaud – Head of the order of St. Johanet
Priestmonk Pietr – Johanetan Monk, scholar, aide to Abbot-Bishop Thibaud
Archpriest Isidore – Personal aide to the Metropolitan

Archimandrite Theodore – Wizard
Archimandrite John – Wizard
Hierodeacon Ambrose – Apprentice wizard
Hierodeacon Jerome – Apprentice wizard

Fra Maurice – Commander of the Knights Templar

— Others —

Burhan Mohammed Madhour – Local Arab translator

Acquired at the Saudi border:

Saudi border guards interned a number of American military personel fleeing the invasion.

— Met at the border —

1SG Marcus Kimball – Operations Sergeant in a special forces A team, 5th SFG
SSG Richard Paine – Weapons Sergeant, 5th SFG
SGT Adam Vance – Engineer SGT, 5th SFG
TSgt Lee Furber “Air Force Guy” – Stationed at Al-Taqqadum AB, USAF jet engine mechanic

— Freed from Saudi internment —

1stLt Peter van Buskirk – Marine Lieutenant, 9th Regiment
Sgt Adam Bruce ‘The Bruce’ – accompanied van Buskirk (Marine)
2LT Chris Random – Commander of the Stryker Rifle Platoon (Army)
2LT Jamie Burke – Commander of the Stryker MGS Platoon (Army)
SSG Nick Kovacs – Mortar Stryker section leader (Army)
SGT Jeff Doherty – Sniper Team Leader, rides on Stryker MCV (Army)

Army Personel at the Battle of Rafha:

— 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team – Idaho National Guard, hence, “Snake River Brigade” —

COL Brogan – Commanding Officer