Chapter 32

by veilwar

Or chapter 2^5 as we like to call it around here. The long delay has been probably even more frustrating for me than you, though the threats of bodily injury if I didn’t finish were both touching and scary. So, here’s your traditional teaser:

Bolts of actinic fire rained down from Archimandrite John’s fiery apparition, and his eyes glowed with the power coursing through his body. The apprentices looked like shadow boxers, but were more lethal by far. The force they projected crumpled enchanted armor like tin foil, threw trolls from the line like rag dolls. Their breath came hard, Lewis could hear them rasp as they fought to inhale. The strain was incredible and Lewis through the agency of his sword could feel reality twist and curl around them as they focused that force.

I know it’s been a while, but remember you are encouraged to point out flaws, errors and outright mistakes in the comments. Thanks for reading, and for putting up with the unavoidable delays imposed by my silly need to have an income.