Viruses… winning…

by veilwar

My epic struggle with trillions of viruses continues. I thought I was better for a moment, but that was merely strategic misdirection on the part of the viral hordes. The Veil War chapter you were expecting will go up tomorrow. I apologize for the delay.

Little bastards hate me.

In the meantime, check out these cool articles about technology, drones and cyber warfare. Look, over there, shiny!

  • This one’s from a few years back, but Scott Locklin is fun. The Myth of Technological Progress. Read his site, too. Great pieces on zeppelins and battleships in there.
  • John Arquilla with Cyberwar Is Already Upon Us.
  • I Love You, Killer Robots – Slate on UPenn’s quadrotor drones. Check out all the videos. Also Boston Dynamics (of Big Dog fame) with the Cheetah, Darpa’s fastest running drone yet.
  • The best source on Drone warfare is John Robb. Just start scrolling down. Also, Daniel Suarez’ next book is about drones. I already pre-ordered mine – his books Daemon and Freedom(tm) are fantastic. Doesn’t come out until July, which sucks mightily. Drones will be in the second Veil War novel. Oh yes.
  • Put on your thinking cap – brain stimulation for enhanced intelligence. Want one.
  • I’d also recommend West Hunter, the blog for Harpending and Cochran, HBD theorists and cool cats. I have enjoyed their thinking very much indeed, and it informs how I’ve created the goblins and other humanoid monsters.
  • Speaking of things that have informed my thinking, Bruce Charlton has been a stimulator of thinking in regards to the outlook and mindset of the Crusaders in the story, and you’ll be seeing more of that as the story moves on. Look for posts on mysticism and magic, and Orthodoxy.