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I am back

I have been less than communicative lately, if by less than communicative you mean dropping off the face of the Earth. I’ve been traveling and working and taking care of family, all of which militate against writing productivity, to be sure. But the honest truth (as opposed to sneaky dishonest truths) is that I was a little burnt out there. Trying to manage all the mundane aspects of my life and produce decentish fantastical prose was getting to be a little much. So I took a break.

And I have to say, it was nice. I didn’t think about the Veil War at all for most of two weeks. And when I did resume thinking about it, there was no longer the pall of dread that had attended such thoughts back in June and July. A whole bunch of things that I had been hung up on are now no longer hangups, and for the last couple days I’ve been happily typing.

Regular chapter postings will resume next Thursday, and I’ve already got that chapter in the bag. I hope to push out another chunk of the sword story this weekend, but no promises on that one. I also have some posts cued up, and I’ll be looking for some feedback from you, the long-suffering reader.

Thanks for hanging in there!

Comcast Sucks

I’ve been without Internet all day (I’m posting this via phone) and this is slowing me down. When I regain connectivity, there’s more stuff ready to post.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the oven-like weather.


This is me for the last couple weeks:

Well, the trip to Ohio was excellent up until the moment when my suburban threw a rod.

I’ve had a grand total of maybe two hours in the last couple weeks to work on the story. Which sucks for me and you both. But, I did accomplish some things, and more will be accomplished in the very near future. In a slight departure from my normal mode, I’m just going to start posting stuff as it gets edited and not wait for the full thing.

So, at random intervals over the next week, you’ll be getting chunks of the Chapter 23 and 24, and as well – because I love you so dearly – bits of a bonus story. I will do this until I’ve caught up a bit.

The first bit is part one of… the back story of Lewis’ sword. Read it here.

Slight delay has grown, and become a medium-sized delay

Fun, fantasy, confusion and chaos. Nothing tragic, but events have conspired to keep me from the keyboard. But! Even though I am now three states away from my home, preparing to accompany my wife to her 15-year college reunion, there will shortly be new prose.

Tomorrow you will see Chapter 23. And over the next few days, I’m going to run a bonus series of stories that are related to the events of the story, but yet will not actually ever be part of the novel. They are written already, and merely need a little polishing and elbow grease to be ready for you.

So there it is. Thanks for bearing with me as life interferes with my grandiose authorial schemes.

Slight delay

Wife not feeling well today, which means no time for me… I’ll finish the edits tonight after the kiddies are asleep, post probably tomorrow morning.


Kids, I just wanted everyone to know that Chapter 16 is inbound, scheduled for arrival for tomorrow. I would have posted today – even early this morning – had I not had a modest moment of inspiration that led me to rearrange and edit what I had prepared for you.

It’s funny, but I now have a little Ian Healy who sits in my head and keeps asking, “Does this advance the story?” I have no earthly idea what the real Ian Healy sounds like, but I can tell you that the one in my head is whiny and annoying. Sometimes he has a bit of a lisp, and his voice is a bit twee and high pitched. However, he is nearly always right, the bastard.

And after I post Chapter 16, I finish work and head for the hills to shoot at lots of defenseless water bottles, paper targets and other innocent, inanimate objects. There will likely be a fair amount of alcohol consumption and bacon eating. Note well, I will make every effort to pursue these activities consecutively, not concurrently. Which reminds me, a few weeks back I attended (as an observer) a training class run by F2S Consulting on the proper use of carbines. I have witnessed an epic amount of bad training in my life. A fair bit of mediocre training. The occasional good instruction. I can count on the fingers of no hands the number of times that I’ve seen as good a trainer as Jack from F2S. I admit that I know next to nothing about the use of weaponry in combat by way of personal experience. But there is a smell to competence, and Jack smells like heaven.

If you are ever interested in learning to shoot, to shoot better – F2S is the place to go. Jack taught some of the best in the world to shoot better, I’m sure he can help you. You can find his webpage here; and I can assure you that as soon as I can pry loose the cash, I will be taking his classes.

They don’t call it the world-wide web fer nothin

WordPress added a few features to its stats engine a while back. One of the nicer features is being able to see where people are coming from. Granted, this isn’t exactly rocket science; I’ve had this feature on self hosted sites for over a decade. For example, today we’ve already had visitors from most of the nicer Anglophone nations, Romania, and South Korea.

Sadly, the country stats don’t go back to the beginning. But here’s the top contenders for the most recent period:

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 2,376
Australia FlagAustralia 293
Canada FlagCanada 242
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 175
Mexico FlagMexico 59
Romania FlagRomania 47
Bosnia and Herzegovina FlagBosnia and Herzegovina 25
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 23
Austria FlagAustria 12
France FlagFrance 11
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 9
Germany FlagGermany 9
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 8
Brazil FlagBrazil 8
India FlagIndia 8

The UK is really slacking, being outpaced by three former colonies.

So, welcome everyone, no matter where you’re from. Drop a comment and let us know where you’re from. The person furthest from my current location wins 50 internet points.


The chapter is done!

But not ready to post. Since regaining human-level intelligence and energy levels, I’ve been rushing madly to catch up on all everything I didn’t do when I was besieged by microbes and shit. Among those things, of course, is the story.

I detected some issues I wanted to correct in this chapter; and after hand wringing, eye-wiggling, and soul searching, I’ve fixed them. But I haven’t yet proofed the words, and that will have to wait til tomorrow.

My apologies for this little dry spell.

Viruses… winning…

My epic struggle with trillions of viruses continues. I thought I was better for a moment, but that was merely strategic misdirection on the part of the viral hordes. The Veil War chapter you were expecting will go up tomorrow. I apologize for the delay.

Little bastards hate me.

In the meantime, check out these cool articles about technology, drones and cyber warfare. Look, over there, shiny!

  • This one’s from a few years back, but Scott Locklin is fun. The Myth of Technological Progress. Read his site, too. Great pieces on zeppelins and battleships in there.
  • John Arquilla with Cyberwar Is Already Upon Us.
  • I Love You, Killer Robots – Slate on UPenn’s quadrotor drones. Check out all the videos. Also Boston Dynamics (of Big Dog fame) with the Cheetah, Darpa’s fastest running drone yet.
  • The best source on Drone warfare is John Robb. Just start scrolling down. Also, Daniel Suarez’ next book is about drones. I already pre-ordered mine – his books Daemon and Freedom(tm) are fantastic. Doesn’t come out until July, which sucks mightily. Drones will be in the second Veil War novel. Oh yes.
  • Put on your thinking cap – brain stimulation for enhanced intelligence. Want one.
  • I’d also recommend West Hunter, the blog for Harpending and Cochran, HBD theorists and cool cats. I have enjoyed their thinking very much indeed, and it informs how I’ve created the goblins and other humanoid monsters.
  • Speaking of things that have informed my thinking, Bruce Charlton has been a stimulator of thinking in regards to the outlook and mindset of the Crusaders in the story, and you’ll be seeing more of that as the story moves on. Look for posts on mysticism and magic, and Orthodoxy.

Oh, and hey!

The helpful Wordpress exhortatory sidebar that pops up when I publish a post – ever encouraging me to advance to the next multiple of five – tells me that the Veil War now has in excess of three thousand followers. I find this to be cool. Thanks, everyone, for reading. You are special; and I will now go write more explodey-choppy stuff just for you.