The Veil War

"and then I was like, 'Holy crap, goblins!'"

Chapter Eleven

And so we come to Chapter Eleven. I’m running out of clever things to say about new chapters. I considered making a bankruptcy joke, but given the current economic situation that might be in bad taste.

I apologize to those readers who may have gotten accustomed to lots of explodey-choppy stuff for the relatively slow pace – trust me, it picks up again in a bit. Here’s your teaser:

Burhan translated for him, “I admit, your Highness, your pavilion is not so comfortable as my palace. But I am not so much older than when I traveled in the Ursene highlands, preaching the Word of God on little more than cold mountain water and stale marching bread. Your table is much more luxurious, and my companions now are not so likely to want to remove my head for a decoration on their fireplaces.”

can’t sleep, clowns will eat me…

Was talking to Russell Blake on Twitter about our mutual loathing for clowns. It occurred to me that I need to replace what was once my favorite tshirt ever. Now worn, faded and torn, this shirt was once my favorite article of clothing:


I got more comments in an average day wearing that shirt than ever I did with anything else over the whole time I owned it. Seems a lot of people hate on clowns. Which makes sense, seeing as how effing creepy they are. You can get your own shirt and an array of other anti-clown gear here.

And a heads up: Blake is giving away free kindle books. I can’t read, so there’s no point in me getting them. But you might enjoy them.