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From Edward Gorey’s Amphigorey Also.

It’s a snap!

Updates to a couple link posts:

And, just because it cracked me up, this:

Unheralded classics

Isegoria, the best source of fascinating stuff you never knew you needed to know on the internet, has been reposting articles on the classics of fantasy. They’re remarkable stuff. Of all the fantasy classics discussed, I’ve only read a couple, and hadn’t even heard of most of them. Shame.

Tolkien scholar John Rateliff wrote a number of pieces on the Classics of Fantasy for the publishing arm of Wizards of the Coast, the company that produces Dungeons & Dragons and its associated novels. Those essays have disappeared from the WotC site, but the Wayback Machine has come to the rescue.

The ones I’ve heard of:

The ones I’d never heard of:

Add that to the Dunsany I need still to read – The King of Elfland’s Daughter is still sitting on my shelf – and that runs to rather a lot. A good chunk of these books are in the public domain. I downloaded The Night Land from Gutenberg and started reading last night; it’s a mind-blower.

Of interest, and along the same lines, Boing Boing just recently posted something about “Radium Age” sf. Joshua Glenn coined the term to describe the works written between the Scientific Romance age of Verne, Poe and Wells and the soi disant “Golden Age” inaugurated by the editorial efforts of John W. Campbell at Astounding. Links to more good books there.

Oh, and hey!

The helpful Wordpress exhortatory sidebar that pops up when I publish a post – ever encouraging me to advance to the next multiple of five – tells me that the Veil War now has in excess of three thousand followers. I find this to be cool. Thanks, everyone, for reading. You are special; and I will now go write more explodey-choppy stuff just for you.

Oh noes

I iz out of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Note to self

Avoid TV Tropes. That shit is like crack. I just wasted an hour following links in that morass of entertainment and snark.

Bagger 288

I guess it’s video day here at Veil War. I’m a little spacey seeing as I haven’t left the beach house in four days and my fingers is achy.

As cool as that last video was, this one is infinitely cooler. In fact, it approaches the theoretical maximum coolness. If aliens or goblins or moon nazis invade the Earth, there’s always Bagger 288:

Iron Sky

I’ve been following this for a couple years now, and it looks like it’s finally coming to fruition. A team of Finnish crowdsourced filmakers have made a movie about moon nazis invading the earth.

That is so full of awesome, just typing it made me tingle. Here’s the trailer:

Here’s the link to the Iron Sky page.

Plus, it’s got Udo Kier!

Publishing etc.

A few more publishing links: