What’s new, pussycat

by veilwar

After a long absence, here are some brief updates on things:

  • #2 son is larger, more alert, and more mobile than he was last time I posted about him. Given that he was only hours old the first time, this should not be surprising.
  • Editing on the Veil War continues. I’ve gotten some great feedback from grammar SMEs and violence SMEs, and the new version is shaping up to be a significant upgrade from version 1.0. Sadly, this is a slow process because of my work – and more to the point – commuting schedule.
  • Other writing also continues. I’m finding it easier a lot of the time to do a little bit of writing on the smaller projects in the small chunks of free time I find than it is to get into the mindset needed for focused and quality editing.
  • The Saga of Subcommandante Mumbles is about to have a new episode, which will also be available for purchase on Amazon. Other short stories are in various stages of completion.
  • I am hopeful that the amount of time I spend on the DC metro area’s fine highways and public transit systems will precipitously drop in the near future. Any positive change in this area will speed the day that the Veil War is complete.

So there it is.

How was your day?