This is the end

by veilwar

Chapter 36 is here, and here is the end of this part of our tale.

“Your family’s mostly in Alabama, right?” Coleman asked.

“Far enough from the Veil for now, yeah. For now. Chicago, New York, Washington… Boston’s holding out, I heard. But they were farther away. The whole middle of the country is fucking gone. Fuck, dude, the goblins are camping on the Mall in DC. How do you come back from that?”

According to my calculations, Lewis’ story runs to 94,321 words. The bonus chapter next week will take us to within a loud shout of 100k. That, I believe, is a respectable amount of fiction. By weight at least, it’s a novel. I’d like to thank all of you for reading, and I can say in all honesty that your participation in this project made it far better than it would have otherwise. Thank you.

(And as always, point out errors and the like in the comments. )