Antepenultimate Chapter

It is, once again, that most treasured time of the year: Veil War Thursday. Chapter 34 is now come into the world, and is awaiting your attention.

“No!” he screamed. He ran toward the fire, icon tucked under his left arm like a football and axe in his right. Like the bow wave of a speedboat, the icon pushed the serpents back as he charged. He slowed; he was running through molasses. The resistance of the mystical barrier or the palpable evil of the serpents fire pushing him back. Kimball dug in, felt pain in his legs and arms as he pushed through. Agony arced down every nerve, and he screamed again, wordlessly.

He fell to the ground when the wall collapsed. The icon flared golden-white and the serpents were blown to wisps of fog, and dispersed. Another goblin summoner dropped, gripping his head in both hands and crying out in agony.

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