Tab clearing

by veilwar

My new, five-day a week commute is rather grueling. So I’m finding being home sick is rather refreshing.

Here’s some stuff I’ve been reading that you may find interesting:

  • An OCD-afflicted individual investigates: How Strong is a Hobbit?
  • John C. Wright offers a very fine post on Retrophobia.I read two posts recently that touched on the same topic, namely, the way writers handle female characters in historical fiction and heroic fantasy.

    Both reinforced my opinion that Political Correctness is, at its root, undramatic and the enemy of the arts in the same way it is illogical and the enemy of science and reason, namely, because it is ahistorical and inhuman.

  • Energy, Secession and Leverage: “If the South went out of the Union as a bloc, it would take most of the natural gas, nuclear power, over half the oil and refining capacity, and a third of the coal. The Yankees aren’t going to just gallop into the restored Confederacy on horseback like they did in the nineteenth century.”
  • Home distillery.
  • Author Tobias Buckell used kickstarter to get a book published. Detailed and fascinating analysis. Perhaps something I should consider?
  • tvtropes is an evil, evil website. If you have a few free hours, start here and here and see what happens when you follow the links.