It’s begun

by veilwar

The battle comes to Lewis, at last. Chapter 27 is up, read here.

Behind him, Lewis heard the tonk of mortar fire. Sixty millimeter mortar rounds fell like thunderbolts on the trolls, digging craters and tossing the enormous creatures like a discarded child’s rag doll. Almost every time, though, the black-armored dolls stood again, and resumed their steady progress.

Pethoukis leaned back and shouted over the din to Lewis, “Mortar rounds are hitting. Are they slacking or is our mojo winning?”

“No fucking clue. Pour it on. Grenades and mortars, Pethoukis; maximum rate of fire. Give them some love.”

I can hardly believe that no one has found any typos in the last couple chapters. While I would be pleased to imagine that I am in fact that good, the more likely explanation is that you all are slacking. Point out errors, misconceptions, delusions and cock-ups in the comments, and I’ll be eternally grateful.