Chapter 23 completed

by veilwar

Veil War Thursday has returned! Chapter 23 is now revised, updated, and rather seriously lengthened. This one’s a monster chapter at over 3000 words, so Merry Christmas! Ooh, I almost forgot the traditional teaser:

Once on the ground, the knights became a blur. Moving so fast that Lewis could barely follow their movements, the crusader knights spun, twisting through goblins who appeared almost frozen in place by the inhuman speed of their attackers.

Swords reached out, blurred fans of silvered metal to Lewis’ eyes. The power behind the strikes made them seem effortless, yet every time blade intersected with goblin, blood and limbs flew. Lewis had once watched a bird sucked in to a jet engine with less violence.

My lovely wife wasn’t available to do her normal copy-editing, so this one is likely a little rough with the goofs and typos and grammatical infelicities. Your help in ferreting those bastards out is of course greatly appreciated.

After my little break, I’m trying to move as quickly as possible through the rewrites of this battle. There’s lot’s more cool stuff coming – I think you’re going to like where it ends up. And of course, I am also working on the rest of the novel – the part that you aren’t seeing, and that takes place for the most part back in the US. I might have some questions for you all on that – some feedback might be a useful reality check for some of what is happening there. But more on that later.