Chapter 22

by veilwar

Chapter 22 is up. I apologize for the week-long delay, but life got a little crazy. You may have a surprise later, though. Teaser:

Lewis saw the standard bearer he’d watched a second before tossed backward as if he’d been hit by a giant, invisible tsunami. A half step and a half second behind him, the rest of the first goblin rank was pushed inexorably and violently backward, crashing into the ranks behind as all were swept away.

It took another second before the wave hit the dragon. The dragon went from graceful and malevolent flight to sparrow in a hurricane. Again the dragon screamed in rage as it was forced from its prey.

It has been frustrating to write – or try to write – compelling prose about people watching a battle. But that is just the nature of the thing, and Lewis can’t be everywhere. Very shortly, though, the battle will be coming to Lewis. As always, please note any errors or inconsistencies, and let me know what you think about how the story is developing. Your feedback has been crucial, really, in allowing me to achieve even the modest level of quality I have.