by veilwar

Chapter 20 is now up, and impatiently awaiting your attention. Teaser:

Lewis cursed in horror as he saw the goblins had penetrated the perimeter at least five points. Bronze-armored monsters poured into the middle of the brigade defenses. Cavalry troopers ran madly across the sand toward the rear.

By way of a progress report, this last week has been marvelously productive. I have the entire next month’s chapters ready and queued up, which means that I can focus on getting the rest of the story written. Since March was a near total wash thanks to virulent, uh, viruses – I am behind on my self-imposed schedule by about that much. I did a lot more rewriting than I had planned last month but by dint of self-sacrifice, self-abegnation, and other selfy things I still made progress. It is perhaps a vain and ambitious hope, but I nevertheless hope to have a completed draft manuscript of the whole novel by the end of this month. We’ll see how that goes.

As always, please feel free to point out errors and mistakes, infelicities and screw-ups. And thank you, as always, for reading. You are all, each and individually, my favorite people in the whole world.