by veilwar

Kids, I just wanted everyone to know that Chapter 16 is inbound, scheduled for arrival for tomorrow. I would have posted today – even early this morning – had I not had a modest moment of inspiration that led me to rearrange and edit what I had prepared for you.

It’s funny, but I now have a little Ian Healy who sits in my head and keeps asking, “Does this advance the story?” I have no earthly idea what the real Ian Healy sounds like, but I can tell you that the one in my head is whiny and annoying. Sometimes he has a bit of a lisp, and his voice is a bit twee and high pitched. However, he is nearly always right, the bastard.

And after I post Chapter 16, I finish work and head for the hills to shoot at lots of defenseless water bottles, paper targets and other innocent, inanimate objects. There will likely be a fair amount of alcohol consumption and bacon eating. Note well, I will make every effort to pursue these activities consecutively, not concurrently. Which reminds me, a few weeks back I attended (as an observer) a training class run by F2S Consulting on the proper use of carbines. I have witnessed an epic amount of bad training in my life. A fair bit of mediocre training. The occasional good instruction. I can count on the fingers of no hands the number of times that I’ve seen as good a trainer as Jack from F2S. I admit that I know next to nothing about the use of weaponry in combat by way of personal experience. But there is a smell to competence, and Jack smells like heaven.

If you are ever interested in learning to shoot, to shoot better – F2S is the place to go. Jack taught some of the best in the world to shoot better, I’m sure he can help you. You can find his webpage here; and I can assure you that as soon as I can pry loose the cash, I will be taking his classes.