The Veil War

"and then I was like, 'Holy crap, goblins!'"

Intelligence Enhancement

Great post by Greg Cochran on intelligence enhancement and science-fictional possibilities thereof. Previously, some very fun stuff on intelligence here, and here.

The idea that the Ashkenazi Jews had their intelligence boosted by selection effects over the last thousand years is a fascinating one. What I am imagining right now is that the same process could have effects on other abilities. In the context of my story, there are so many possibilities…

They don’t call it the world-wide web fer nothin

WordPress added a few features to its stats engine a while back. One of the nicer features is being able to see where people are coming from. Granted, this isn’t exactly rocket science; I’ve had this feature on self hosted sites for over a decade. For example, today we’ve already had visitors from most of the nicer Anglophone nations, Romania, and South Korea.

Sadly, the country stats don’t go back to the beginning. But here’s the top contenders for the most recent period:

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 2,376
Australia FlagAustralia 293
Canada FlagCanada 242
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 175
Mexico FlagMexico 59
Romania FlagRomania 47
Bosnia and Herzegovina FlagBosnia and Herzegovina 25
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 23
Austria FlagAustria 12
France FlagFrance 11
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 9
Germany FlagGermany 9
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 8
Brazil FlagBrazil 8
India FlagIndia 8

The UK is really slacking, being outpaced by three former colonies.

So, welcome everyone, no matter where you’re from. Drop a comment and let us know where you’re from. The person furthest from my current location wins 50 internet points.