New Chapter Eleven

by veilwar

Alrighty then, the last of the rewrites is complete. My week has been more hectic than I had foreseen – culminating in today’s double-barreled awesomeness of visits to the dentist and the DMV.

You can read the new chapter here. Teaser:

The yellow line of the Veil was swallowed by an angry red gash that stretched across four nations. The red widened and engulfed the blue dots closest to the Veil. As the red advanced both north and south from the veil beachhead, it branched and bifurcated. Crimson tentacles reaching for American soldiers and Marines. Lewis had only seen snatches of this, on the run. Seeing it all at once, his intuition was confirmed. Those movements couldn’t be accidental, he thought. The whole thing was coordinated far too well.

We will resume more regular, regular weekly updates with next week’s Veil War Thursday.

For those keeping score at home, I’ll be taking next week off for an all expenses paid (by me) writing extravaganza. Totally isolated in an austere three bedroom, fully-furnished beach house, it is my goal to write most of the rest of the novel. Absent interruptions by wife, children and work – I believe this to be a feasible goal. Most of the story is plotted out, so all I need to do is write it down. That’s the theory anyway; and at the very least I should be able to make significant progress.

As always, please feel free to point out typos, infelicities of thought, fact, or style or just say that you love my story and want to bear its children.