Publishing Linkage

by veilwar

As you might imagine, beyond the whole problem of writing a novel there is the whole problem of getting people to read it. We’ve discussed that second issue a couple times here already. One of the ways that I’ve been spending the time that I’m not writing is with market research. I’m organizing my thoughts on that, but in the meantime here are some interesting links that I’ve run across that discuss various aspects of publishing – especially independent publishing. If that isn’t your thing, no worries. Just wait until Thursday.

Interesting tidbit from Rusch’s post, Why Not?:

The biggest problem writers have as a class isn’t that they work too cheaply, which I wrote about last week, or even that they don’t understand business, which I write about almost every week, but that they think too small.

Huh? you think to yourself as you read this. My last novel clocked in at 140,000 words. I invented an entire world. I don’t think small.

Oh, yes, you do. Every damn day. It’s the rare writer who actually has ambitions—real ambitions—and stands up for them. It’s the rare writer who not only dreams of glory (bestseller lists, millions of dollars, fame, lasting acclaim, or whatever) but actually works toward those dreams.

I have.