Because Stephen is the only person I actually know who is literate

by veilwar

One man went above and beyond the call of duty. One man made a sacrifice that redeemed the failures of others – even though his efforts ended in failure. Perhaps, even because they ended in failure they attained a nobility that is rarely matched on this world.

Ward Brewer answered the call. He nominated me for a Shorty Award 42 times. Which is 42 times more than the next highest nominators. And infinitely more than anyone else. I want to preserve in some small way the character of the effort he made. Look on, ye mighty, and despair:

Why should @veilwar get the Shorty?

  • Because he has a unique and compelling style. He makes it believable.
  • Because his latest work, The Veil Wars is a great read.
  • Because Stephen gets it done when it comes to writing…
  • Because he asked me to and he’s a nice guy…
  • Because if he doesn’t get it, someone else less deserving will.
  • Because it’s the writer’s version of Green Technology.
  • Because someone has to do it…
  • Because the only thing for certain is death, taxes, and Veil War.
  • Because anyone can be an author, but not anyone can write Veil War…
  • Because Stephen made me do it…
  • Because of all the writers out there, Stephen is definitely one…
  • Because the last 3,000 times I’ve posted, you didn’t count them…
  • Because Stephen finally offered me enough money to do it…
  • Because for some odd reason, you guys aren’t counting my votes…
  • Because my life is boring and I have nothing else better to do now.
  • Because Stephen is the only person I actually know who is literate
  • Because Stephen speaks and writes American.
  • Because Stephen’s from Ohio so he needs all the help he can get
  • Because I don’t have a date tonight and need something to do.
  • Because Stephen gave me this cool used shirt to wear.
  • Because if I do, he promised to pay off my gambling debts
  • Because it’s all fun and games until someone’s eye is poked out
  • Because it’s what Socrates would have done
  • Because the voices inside my head tell me to…
  • Because, you see there once was this girl from Nantucket…
  • Because besides Doritos, it’s Wilbur’s favorite thing in the world
  • Because eventually you ding-a-lings will start counting my votes
  • Because this shameless voting will get me a Veil starring role
  • Because I just can’t stop myself….I can’t stop…..
  • Because if he gets this award, he’ll be able find the cure for acne
  • Because if he gets this award he will find the cure for ringworm
  • Because if I don’t the continuum will find out and that’s bad
  • Because YOU STILL ARE NOT COUNTING MY VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Because Stephen’s my hero and I want to be his friend.
  • Because no matter where you go, that’s where you are…
  • Because he’s JRR Tolkien approved….
  • Because when it’s all said and done…what was I saying?
  • Because the “girl from Nantucket” has a sister…
  • Because I am shameless in my actions….
  • Because, well, someone has to win the award, right?
  • Because I forgot to get him a Christmas present.
  • Because, well he may not look like much, but he’s all we’ve got…

I really love how the tone gets more and more desperate toward the end.

Thanks Ward, and I think you earned your place in the book.