by veilwar

There’s been a significant uptick in traffic over the last couple weeks. I am pleased that all is proceeding as I have foreseen…

To all the new readers, welcome! I hope you enjoy the Veil War and tell all your friends.


And a general informational message:

I thought I might take a moment and talk about drafts. What you are reading is not a first draft. But neither is it a finished product. What it is is about a draft and a half. What happens is: I write. Then I go back and look for obvious mistakes, correct things, smooth things out a bit, and generally make a decent first pass at editing. The penultimate stage is my wife doing a quick copyedit; checking for spelling errors and rapidly proliferating commas. Then, you read it.

Right now, I’m doing an actual, serious rewrite of chapters 1-8 so that by the time my cover art is ready I’ll have something that I can put up on Amazon that will be as good, and as free of error, as I can possibly make it.

There are two things to know about me and errors. One, I hates ’em. Two, I makes ’em. You can help: by pointing out errors of fact or imagination, typos, bloopers, mistakes, grammatical and syntactical infelicities and wtf? moments. Or just by making suggestions for improving the story. Hell, even asking questions often makes me think more clearly about what I’m writing. Point out errors in the comments, or send me an email at thestephengustav [at] gmail.com. I embrace criticism. I give it a hug and tuck it in at night. Because it’s the only way to get better.