A test of the Emergency Veil War Broadcast System

by veilwar

I just sent out an an email to everyone who subscribed to the Veil War, and to everyone who is a friend of the Veil War on Facebook. The bonus story is being delayed – the short explanation is that I want to make it better, and it’s not better yet.

The system in place now is less than optimal, I think. I don’t have emails for everyone – so it is difficult to communicate with the nearly one hundred people who have become official™ fans of the Veil War. Some messages were sent with Facebook’s messaging system – but for some reason I couldn’t message two of the people who friended the Veil War. (Bob Davis, Daniel Zazitski – drop me an email and you’ll get my personal groveling apology. If you feel that you should have gotten a groveling apology, and didn’t; let me know and I’ll create a special groveling apology just for you.)

Before the Christmas break, I was talking with my friend Chris about setting up a better system for communicating with you, the reader. It is clear that now that is a real necessity. So over the course of the next couple weeks, expect to see some changes on that front. Once we get that in place, we’ll have more information.

In the meantime, enjoy these videos of the A-10 blowing shit up: