I haven’t forgotten you

by veilwar

To those of you who may be wondering, “Where is my goddamn bonus story?” I have a variety of excuses/explanations/red herrings/non sequitors for you:

  • It really is almost done.
  • I haven’t forgotten
  • I was drunk until mid afternoon Sunday. Not because I kept drinking, but because it took that long for what I drank the night before to wear off.
  • Hey, look, squirrel!
  • Two words: Minecraft. Did you know that with the zeppelin mod and some clever usage of window panes, you can make a really awesome ghostly sky-galleon?
  • Your bonus story is going to end up being a bit longer than I initially planned. In fact, probably four times longer. Longer than a normal chapter, even.
  • My family is relentlessly incapable of understanding that when I sit down to write, I am not to be disturbed. I plan in the very near future to move my office to a much more inaccessible location. Like Mars.
  • Your regularly scheduled Veil War Thursday chapter is already ready.

I hope that this post reassures/distracts/ameliorates your pain as appropriate.

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