Choose your own adventure!

by veilwar

Remember that everyone who either befriends the Veil War Facebook page or subscribes by clicking the “Follow the Veil War” link at the bottom of the page will get a free bonus story. You have up until the moment I send it to register and since I don’t know when I’ll send it, it would behoove you to sign up instantly. And I would just like to go on record as being a firm supporter and admirer of the word “behoove.”

I have to admit that just now I am a little frustrated with the whole bonus story endeavor. Because I came up with a really awesome story last Thursday – an actual Christmas story that was just peachy in every way. The Christmas element was not gratuitous: it advanced the story in a significant and (I think) clever way. It would have had atmosphere, cool special effects, and a nice dollop of gosh-wow coolness.

There were only two problems: 1) there was no way on God’s Green Earth that I could ever write it before Christmas given all the travel and family visitation going on and 2) it is set too far in the future of the story, and would give away too much info. So I reluctantly set aside that idea and came up with a few more. Last night, I arrived, weary, back at my fortress in the wilds of Virginia and today I will write the story. But I can’t start just yet.

Since I am equally fond of all of these ideas; and since I will write them all eventually at some point – you can pick your bonus story! You decide! You! Vote for your favorite with the poll thingy below:

I’ll close the voting sometime this afternoon when I’m ready to start writing.