Part Eight, the Ocho

by veilwar

It’s Veil War Thursday. And that means that today you get another chapter. Your teaser:

“What are they doing firing a half mile out?”

Lewis dropped the glasses. He watched the gray cloud of arrows climb skyward. It looks like they’ve got the distance…. And there goes another volley.

Evans was incredulous. “How the hell could anyone draw a bow that could shoot an arrow that goddamn far?”

Five flights of arrows were in the air when the first round hit. Those five hundred arrows hit the goblins like the wrath of god. “Holy mother of fuck!” Evans shouted.

“I don’t believe it. Every single one of those arrows hit.” Pethoukis said softly, stunned.

FYI: there will be no chapter next Thursday as I will be conducting a Christmas safari through the untamed wilds of northern and central Ohio before heading back to Virginia. Next year, we will resume our normal weekly schedule.

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