Contest thoughts

by veilwar

I am thinking of running a contest. I am wondering what you, the reader, would most like to see as prizes.

Here are some thoughts I had:

  • Be a red shirt – get included in the story and killed, gruesomely. (And thanks to reader Charles Stewart, I can make your death gruesome and even more medically accurate.)
  • A special short story – with one of the characters, but involving things that didn’t make it into the final narrative; or alternatively a story with new characters involving events outside Lewis’ story.
  • Behind the scenes – get the poop on what’s happening behind the scenes.

Any other suggestions? Bear in mind that I am allocating approximately a $0.00 budget for this so don’t expect brand new iPad 2’s or anything. Time, I will invest. Just not money.

Update: I unaccountably, an unforgivably, named my source of information on trauma as Charles Williams, not Charles Stewart. My apologies and it now reads correctly.