A plan so cunning, you could brush your teeth with it

by veilwar

So I took some time off from writing the story to lay the groundwork for some marketing. I have brought into being:

The more alert among you may notice that the name attached to these accounts is not my normal nom du net, nor is it in fact my actual name. While I haven’t, and don’t really intend to go to fanatical lengths to conceal my actual identity I have decided to go with a pseudonym for this project.

That name is Stephen Gustav. So there.

I would like to ask everyone who has taken a peek at my story so far (next installment tomorrow!) to do a couple small things.

  1. If you are a user of Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ or any other relevant social media framework, please make the effort to like, +1 or tweet as appropriate this website. Mention it to your friends if you have a blog.  Share the love.
  2. And, apropos of my last blog post, leave a comment, subscribe to the rss feed or email me and let me know who you are. I promise not to try to sell you viagra.

There will be rewards for early adopters. And hey, look what happened to that Reddit Marine unit back to the Roman Empire guy.

As time goes by, this cunning plan will hopefully become even more cunning. Any suggestions you have for spreading the word are of course welcome.