Part One

by veilwar

The very first installment has been added. And you can read it! In fact, I highly recommend that you do. It’s right here. But I’ll give you a teaser:

“Okay. You’re right. We’re fucked.”

Captain Lewis spat on the dusty floor. He looked up from the map, and out the window. Outside, the company was looking to the North, at a cloud of dust. The dust cloud got closer every time he looked. Off to the right, around the corner, was another dust cloud. He couldn’t see it, but one of the last predator drones still up had tracked it for the last couple hours. It got closer, too.

Sgt. Pethoukis looked up from his tablet. “Captain, lost the predator feed.” His lean face had a grimmer than average cast. “I saw fire right before it cut out.”

“Dragon?” the captain asked.

“Most like.”


A hundred miles south of Ramadi, he thought. Three times we’ve tried to turn east, and each time we’ve been blocked.